ele tem um bom pontogofilmes

Science fiction Guy Amado* Centro Universitário Maria Antonia , USP, São Paulo.

During the first contact with Walmor Correa´s work the impression is that of uncanniness: his delicate paintings seem to be out of place, inadequate even in a contemporary art exhibition. After all, what makes the representation of animal kingdom through a typically naturalistic register be part of the convulsive visual repertoire of contemporaneity? However, a more attentive look reveals the peculiar difference which makes this production autonomous face to scientificist canon: a subverting element which with elegant ingenuity is subtle and deliberately introduced by Corrêa in the characterization of his own creatures. As a result, we have a fantastic fauna, bearing a perverted familiarity in its hybrid conformation and which is portrayed from the fusion of two or more animals (mammals, birds, insects) that are merged into a new and improbable being. In Appendix – Entomological Cabinet, the series of works which he presents at Maria Antônia, the artist focuses on the universe of insectology, emuling the atmosphere of a science office inside the institution’s premises. Presented on tables similarly to collection displays , we will find “new” species which were conceived from the hybridization of insects resulting from Walmor´s obsessive research and imagination. The accurate facture and the precious line, together with complementary information made by the artist and addressed to his creations, demonstrate his interest in providing verisimilitude indexes to these instigating creatures. Such ambiguity derives from this very process, and traces a subtle border between absurdity and the “quasi-possible” in the universe where Correa´s species inhabit, and it also points to what becomes one the virtues of his poetics: its tested originality. * Text for the exhibition: Apêndice – Mostruário Entomológico. Centro Universitário Maria Antonia , USP, São Paulo.